EMMEDUE Construction system


It is a non-traditional, alternative construction system, with more than 35 years of presence in the international market, having obtained with high marks the existing certifications in various countries in relation to its thermo-acoustic insulation properties, seismic resistance, structural characteristics, etc. .

One of its innovations, decisive at the time of its choice, is that the buildings made with EMMEDUE do not require an independent resistant structure, since all its components make up the structure of the building, with the benefit of not conditioning the architectural design due to the absence of beams and columns.

The construction of the panel, with its galvanized steel framework, avoids the fissures and cracks that usually occur at the junctions of masonry with independent structures in traditional construction systems.

All this, added to a significant reduction in execution times, to the almost nonexistence of construction waste, to the ease of executing the pipelines for the facilities, make it, at least for this construction company, the most recommended system for everything type of buildings.


In this video you will be able to observe this construction method in greater detail

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Hola, ¿en qué podemos ayudarte?